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Al Farabi is a blend of many musical styles played on a special combination of instruments to give a unique living sound and feeling, fused with sentimental singing of a genuine arabian voice. Diya A. Jeddah. 14 Tracks. Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Al Farabi Music on your desktop or mobile device. Al-Farabi was a renowned philosopher and jurist who wrote in the fields of political philosophy, metaphysics, ethics and logic. He was also a scientist, cosmologist, mathematician and music scholar. In Arabic philosophical tradition, he is known with the honorific "the Second Teacher", after Aristotle. Al-Farabi on music ARTICLES. Al-Farabi's Doctrine of Education: Between Philosophy and Sociological Theory. Throughout the ages thinkers have raised the question of LEARN MORE.

The Philosophy of Music by Abu Nasr Muhammad al-Farabi. (review). Inna Naroditskaya. Asian Music, Volume 40, Number 2, Summer/Fall , pp. (Review). Published by University of Texas Press. DOI: For additional information about this article. Access provided by your local institution (18 Apr GMT). For al-Fârâbî mathematical sciences include arithmetic, geometry, optics, astronomy, music, the science of weights and mechanics. Only recently has more attention be paid to this aspect of Farabian thought. Gad Freudenthal () focused on al-Fârâbî's views on geometry. Except. Al-Fārābī is the pre-eminent theorist on music in the history of the Middle East. Regrettably, Middle Eastern specialists in fields other than music view him only as a political philosopher and logician; musicologists who deal with mediaeval Western music are unaware of his contributions to music theory and his useful.

Of the approximately one hundred and sixty works attributed to Fārābī, eight are on music, but only four have survived (Sawa, , p. 3). The first and least significant is the very short chapter on music in Ketāb eḥṣāʾ al-ʿolūm. Paradoxically, it was this sketchy work alone that was available in medieval Europe through. 5 Mar Al Farabi, your not so typical Saudi band, a very intriguing group of young men joined together in creating music that many have not heard since let's just put it lightly and say that you haven't heard musical pieces like theirs before. Each artist presents a different skill using various musical instruments.


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