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Fluid coupling animation

This article is about hydrodynamic fluid couplings, for "hydroviscous fluid couplings" see Viscous coupling unit. A fluid coupling or hydraulic coupling is a hydrodynamic device used to transmit rotating mechanical power. It has been used in automobile transmissions as an alternative to a mechanical clutch. It also has. Voith supplies fluid couplings, hydraulic couplings, hydrodynamic couplings and clutches, soft-start couplings, turbo couplings, start-up couplings and fluid drives. At the same time, fluid couplings limit torque, provide load sharing, and dampen torsional vibrations. Voith offers fluid Animation: The hydrodynamic principle. With more than 15 units in use, the Voith variable speed fluid coupling represents one of the best documented options for controlling the speed of driven machines. These units generally have a service life of several decades. They can be deployed in areas ranging from high-efficiency gas and steam combined cycle .

Construction Fluidomat fluid couplings work on the hydrodynamic principle. It consists of a pump-generally known as impeller and a turbine generally known as rotor, both enclosed suitably in a casing. The impeller and the rotor are bowl- shaped and have large number of radial vanes. They face each other with an air gap. The torque transmission, which is guided via radially arranged blades, is effected via the fluid filling rotating in the coupling. To better illustrate the highly complex workings of the FLENDER FLUDEX fluid coupling, we were entrusted with a 3D animation and the related 3D visualization of the fluid coupling. Also in this project.


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