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Win98 cd-rom driver

18 Apr This article describes how to configure your computer to use the real-mode CD- ROM drivers from the Windows 98 Startup disk. This may be useful when you need real-mode drivers for your CD-ROM drive, or when you are unable to configure the Windows 98 protected-mode CD-ROM drivers to function. A Windows 98 Startup Disk is a considerable improvement on that produced by earlier versions of Windows, not least because it contains a number of generic, real-mode ATAPI CD-ROM and SCSI drivers that allow CD-ROM devices to become available when running Windows 98 from the Startup Disk. However, it is not. Hi, I have a bit of a problem - Windows 98 won't detect my Plug & Play IDE CD- ROM Drive. Its been fine until recently and BIOS still detects it, but I since tried to install the drivers for 'USB mass storage device', Windows fails to detect my cd- rom drive (the USB key never worked either). I have two physical.

well like I said the BIOS sees the drives just fine. Ok I was able to boot from a win98 boot disk and now I'm able to see the drives and the CD-ROM. I can't boot from just 1 HD because this "interesting person" (read nice was of saying fucktard ) has done some WEIRD shit with these drives, for example. Archived from groups: _discussion (http://www. )For reasons which I will not get into, the CD ROM driver became corrupted. In an at. Hmm, I have loads of drivers I just cant figure out or get the info on installing them . Now everyplace I've been seems to think I have an and What I have is a floppy startup disk and a reformatted HD and mesaage that says no cd driver found and, the install does'nt move on.

22 Feb Boots up fine but doesn't recognize CD My Computer no sign of it went to Start>Programs>Asseco.>System Info.>MultiMedia> says no CD-ROM drive.I'v tried using Add & Remove Hardware still can't find it listed as Primary IDE Controller are Secondary IDE Controller?I have a driver for it. I am running WINDOWS98 SE, and have suddenly lost the ability to use the CD Rom drive. I do not feel it is a hardware problem, as the system sees the drive on bootup. Also, the drifve is listed under device manager as ok, without any errors showing. The drive is a toshiba 24x, and uses windows drivers I think I need to . Check the format your CD writing software is producing; these days there are two major formats, UDF and ISO/Joliet. Versions of Windows older than Windows 98 SE, however, only understands ISO or Joliet so would be unable to read a UDF-formatted disc. If your Win98 is not SE, or if your writer.


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